Cody Winters Shares His Expertise in Oil and Gas Investment

Welcome, everyone! My name is Cody Winters, and this is my personal website. I have been in the business of providing professional assistance to investors looking to diversify their portfolio through oil and gas investment for well over a decade now. After all those years in the business, I’ve learned that while investing in these commodities has its rewards, it can go downhill if you, as an investor, do not find the right (reliable, trustworthy, and with good yields) operator. This is where I come in.

I look for investment opportunities for my clients, specifically in the oil and gas industry. Business opportunities presented to them have been carefully studied, analyzed, and planned to provide them with the best possible profits with as minimal a risk as possible.

Cody Winters is the Founder and President of Southlake Resources Group, a firm that assists investors with their oil and gas investments. For more information on his company, kindly visit the Southlake Resources Group page on this site.

Why this site?

I’m sure you’re wondering why I published this website when we already have a corporate site for Southlake Resources Group. The corporate website was built to serve as a source of information for all our services. This site is more for my personal use.

I decided to create this personal site so I can help more people—those who are looking for other investment opportunities. And since I believe that the oil and gas industry provides excellent investment opportunities, I deemed it only appropriate to share what I know about this particular investment avenue to the public.

I wanted to reach a wider audience in hopes that they will seriously consider taking advantage of the income-earning opportunities that abound in oil and gas investment. However, I would like to caution everyone that there are risks involved in this type of investment, so I strongly advise that you seek a professional investment advisor whose expertise is in oil and gas investment.

Let’s talk!

If you’re new to this type of investment, I’m pretty certain you have a lot of questions you’d like to ask. Please, I encourage you to send me your questions! I will do my best to answer all of them promptly so you won’t be kept in suspense. I also highly value your time, and greatly appreciate your efforts to reach out to me so you can rest assured that I will make myself available for questions as much as my busy schedule permits.

I do not have any social media accounts, for this site yet, but as soon as I decide to create them, I will share those details here so we can connect. For the meantime, you may direct all your questions and comments to me, Cody Winters, through this site.

I invite you to visit the rest of my website to learn more about me, my company, what I do, and my interests outside of work.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of you here.