About Cody Winters

Cody Winters is an accomplished businessman whose expertise is in the field of oil and gas investments. As Founder and President of Southlake Resources Group, Mr. Winters has helped countless investors find the profit-yielding opportunities within the energy sector that fit their long-term investment goals and financial capacity.

Hello, friends! My name is Cody Winters, and I am here to give you a little background on my personal and professional life. If you’ve been to my landing page, you may already know that this website is for my personal use, and as such, you will find that most entries here are more casual and informal compared to the business information that we share over at our corporate website for Southlake Resources Group.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about me, I invite you to please read on.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Florida, and then I went on to pursue my studies further and took up a master’s degree in business administration. I completed my MBA studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Before I established Southlake Resources Group, I served as a corporate finance executive for Agilent Technologies, reporting directly to the CFO. My duties as a corporate finance executive primarily revolved around the financial analysis of capital projects as well as strategic financial planning.

Although I found success early on in my career, I felt that there was something missing. Oklahoma is in my blood, and I discovered that I wanted to go back home. Uprooting myself from my successful career in the city, I moved back to Oklahoma to follow in the footsteps of my beloved grandfather. I put my focus on the oil and gas industry.

I didn’t immediately put up my own company because I knew I had to learn everything about this industry first if I wanted my new career to be successful. And so, I learned everything there is to know about oil and gas; prospect analysis, negotiations, and finding the right financial partners for funding. I am proud to say that I’ve helped finance oil and gas drilling projects in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Utah, and of course, my home state Oklahoma.

When I felt that I have built a strong business foundation, and have acquired all the necessary skills and experiences needed to establish and operate my own oil and gas investment firm, I decided to jump in.

Success would mean nothing if I had no one to share it with. Lucky for me, I have someone on my team rooting for me and supporting me all the way—my wife. I have been married for five wonderful years to a lovely lady, and we have been blessed with two adorable children, Jack, who is three years old; and Finley, who is eight months old.

Apart from spending my time with my wife and kids, things I do to relax and unwind include watching Oklahoma Sooner football, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, and hitting the gym.

I invite you to visit my blog page to read my posts about the industry as well as my other interests.

This is Cody Winters once again. Thank you for your time.